ipad tablet repairs London

We fix so many problems with the ipad.

We do not just repair screens below are some of the repairs we have been carrying out at our Canary wharf office.

Customers have been using our services for quite some time now this is because we not only repair screens but we repair almost every problem the ipad has. We are ipad repair specialists. From cracked lcd to cracked digitizers. We fix wifi problems sound problems ipad not turning on and this list goes on and on…









Give our friendly engineers a call today on 07834768298


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Tablet Repairs

Welcome to Tablet Repairs London. We are the Uks first Tablet Repair Specialists. If you have broken your tablet give us a call today or just follow the free simple steps to getting your favorite tablet repaired.














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Ipad tablet repairs London

Have you broken the screen on your Samsung tablet? Do not worry we can repair it for you. We have been repairing tablets a long while and have the knowledge as to how these cool tabs work. Why not give us a call today we will have you fixed up in no time…

Its as easy as 1 ,2,3

Galaxy tab Repairs

24 h turn around

Skilled Engineers

All screen repairs





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Apples new ipad mini, so whats next?

There is a buzz in the air and it got everyone wondering what apples new ipad is going to look like. Some in the know are saying its going to be smaller and slimmer. Samsung may not like that as its own galaxy note 2 doesn’t really resemble a phone but a mini tablet.

The other interesting news about this new ipad is it will probably be released just a little while before the iPhone 5s. Apple iPhone sales have seen better times as the new Samsung s4 is all in the news at the moment. It looks to be the phone of the year. However we repair these phones and for build quality apples phone are 10 times better than anything else out there. The way Samsung wins customers is their usability. Apple cant touch Samsung for usability.

Samsung phones are amazing but wait until the new software update for the iPhone 5 comes out and we should see some impressive updates.


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What breaks on a tablet?

Tablet computers have various problems, however the most common problem is a broken screen. Depending on what tablet you have, some are easy to repair and some are difficult. You sometimes get the idea that the company that sold the tablet, really does not want you to repair it, but buy a new one. The part that you can touch on the tablet is not the screen, even though its called a touch screen. The screen you can touch is a thin layer of crystal clear glass. This is very difficult to break unless you hit it withy something very hard and metal. Under this glass is the real screeen. There are a number of companies that sell these screens but some tablet screens are a lot harder to get hold of.
The Next problem that occurs on a tablet is the operating system. Some are android, some are apple systems and we now have microsoft with its latest offering. Tablets are harder to retrieve data than on a laptop.

On laptops the most common repair is overheating. On projectors the most common repair is a flickering image on projector.

On tablets the parts are not always easy to get hold off especially if the make is not a well known brand.


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